About us

About Roxanne

Roxanne was born in San Francisco two decades ago to French artists. As a child, she would enjoy tagging along whenever her parents would sell their handmade jewelry at Fisherman’s Wharf and other local places. Years later, her mother moved back to the south of France, and Roxanne would visit often, accompanying her to all the regional artisanal markets. Surrounded by artistic creativity all of her young life, it was only natural that Roxanne felt the urge to create her own designs, enlisting the help of a leather artisan who taught her the craft.

Once she returned permanently to San Francisco, she put her knowledge to good use by developing an alluring jewelry collection that crosses generations and cultures. Still driven by the vibrant energy of the City by the Bay, Roxanne continues to be inspired by its beauty and diversity, much to the delight of her followers.

About Our Products

We at Roxanne Bergez only use the highest grade genuine leather and exotic skins to handcraft all of our products. By acquiring them directly from the source, we have amassed a collection of superior quality from all over the globe. Even the lining for our bracelets, which is hand-milled, has been selected to ensure a premium product that will stand the test of time. Our artful crafting techniques, from stitching to molding, have been perfected over time to bring you luxury leather jewelry that exudes a brilliant savoir-faire.

All of our collections are named after beautiful rivers in France, with the intention of capturing their qualities. Our designs aim to illustrate the crispness and strength of their waters, but also the femininity of their fluidity and shape. The eternal movement of the rivers also served as inspiration for our works, which are the result of the flow of creativity from the age-old tradition of the craft at their source to the modern designs at their mouth.

In our collections, we blend adventure with grace, and tradition with ingenuity, for a style that is truly enchanting. When exploring them, consider combining different colors and styles – whether complementing or to contrasting one another, this can truly refine and complete your look!

About Our Skins


Firstly, our genuine calf leathers are anything but common. Whether colored in aniline drums or using sophisticated printing techniques, we hand-select only premium, full grain hides to ensure a smooth feel and rich color. In addition, many have unusual markings resulting from creative finishing processes, such as the fractured look on our “Cracked Clay”.


From Montana, and tough like the land it comes from, American Bison leather has deep natural grooves that highlight the rich colors absorbed through the tanning process. This leather is soft and rugged all at once. Packed with unique character and American history, bison gives our modern bracelets a classic feel, reminiscent of simpler times.


Hand-selected lizard skins from Argentina are glazed using agate stones, which are usually found in volcanic rock, to give the small scale pattern an unassuming yet distinguished look. These skins provide a supple feel and elegance to our jewelry. The wide array of colors, some with the natural markings of the animal still intact, make for an edgy yet natural look.


Our Southeast Asian python skins are locally tanned and finished, applying decades of experience and skill. Available in many colors from vibrant and bright to deep and dark, in both glossy and matte finishes, these skins provide us with a wide variety of beauty. Many of the python finishes you will see preserve the spectacular natural pattern markings of the snake, using an elegant contrast of colors. Just as no two pythons are exactly the same, the markings on each item made from these skins is perfectly unique.


From the swamps of northern Argentina, our Anaconda skins are hunted and skinned by the indigenous population. The meat is eaten locally and the skins are sent to tan in the big cities. Once they are expertly tanned, finished, colored and glossed using an agate stone glazing jack, the skins are hand selected for our products. With their smooth scales and jungle pattern markings, anaconda skins lend themselves to our more adventurous jewelry collections.


Indonesian stingray, with its hard and tough skin, is tanned and finished locally using specialized drum and hand-waxing techniques. Naturally glossy, these skins shine like pearls with vivid and rich color. Reserved for our Odet collection, these skins are truly breathtaking.


Our crocodile skins from Bolivia are antique-washed by hand, giving them a unique and striking two-toned finish. This results in beautiful bracelets and cuffs that exude both boldness and class. Our crocodile skins seem to retain the power and appeal of the animal they came from, which are transferred to their proprietor.

American Alligator

Originating in Louisiana, our American Alligator hides are tanned and finished here in the USA. Using old-world drum dying techniques, these skins absorb vibrant color to their very core, creating amazing shadows and an intense luminosity. Their glossy finish is the result of a hand polishing technique in which a natural agate stone is used, a type of cryptocrystalline commonly found in volcanic rock. This gives our luxury products an incandescent glow. Our classic matte finish is the result of hand-waxing techniques and is perfect for a more understated look. Whether matte or glossy, these skins will draw attention to your impeccable fashion taste.